3-piece small arch door sets

These 3 piece sets will produce beautiful raised panel doors with a classic, diminutive bevelled profile. Designed for use in fine furniture making, these sets include two matched cope and stick bits for producing frames from 15,87mm (5/8”) to 19mm (3/4”) thick. The stick bit shapes a decorative 4,76mm (3/16”) thumbnail moulding along the edge of the frame. The panel bit is designed for 12,7mm (1/2”) think material. All bits are equipped with guide bearings for shaping curved work such as the small arched panel doors seen on secretaries and corner cabinetry. These sets also produce panels for small chests, lids for small boxes, or drawer fronts. Instructions included.
Desc. QTY S Z Materiale Code Ava. Price (VAT inc.) Qt
Set di 3 frese per antine 3 12,7 2 HW 800.524.11 product available € 140,15
Set di 3 frese per antine 3 8 2 HW 900.024.11 product available € 140,15


800.524.11 890.512.11
900.024.11 990.012.11