6 piece cabinetmaking sets

Available with raised panel bits in two different profiles, these sets feature six router bits for making arched raised panel doors and professional drawer fronts.

These sets include:

Ogee rail & stile bits: these two perfectly matched tools will eliminate the frustration of setting up reversible cutters. The stile bits also feature shear angles for neater cuts.

Raised panel bit with backcutter: this 88,9mm (3-1/2”) diameter bit features a backcutter for milling both the front and the back on the panel in a single cut. We recommend using a 31mm (1-1/4”) diameter bearing to work safely in two shallow passes.

Super-duty flush trim bit: this 19mm (3/4”) cutting diameter bit gives you a superior cut with minimal chipping, even on end grain.

Ogee door edge bit: a subtle cove followed by a subtle roundover adds an elegant touch to your door edge.

Drawer front bit: this bit makes a mini-raised panel cut on the outside edges of your drawer fronts.
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Set di 6 frese per antine 6 12,7 2 800.515.11 product available € 334,61
Set di 6 frese per antine 12,7 2 HW 800.520.11 product not available € 334,61


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