Beading router bit with 45° bevel

CMT200-01: pair of jaws for clamping logs and pole for chain sawing, etc.

CMT200-02: pair of tough cast iron jaws for heavy duty metal work.

CMT200-03: support foot to enhance work station stability.

CMT200-04: extension tray to keep all your tools within your hand's reach.

CMT200-05: pair of black polyurethane jaws.
Desc. Code Ava. Price (VAT inc.) Qt
A) Coppia di ganasce per tronchi CMT200-01 product available € 30,62
B) Coppia di ganasce per metalli CMT200-02 product not available € 46,85
C) Piede di supporto CMT200-03 product available € 32,71
D) Vassoio di supporto CMT200-04 product available € 44,92
E) Coppia di ganasce in poliuretano nero CMT200-05 product not available € 18,75