Bowl & tray system

CMT System BTS-002 provides a fun and easy way for you to make divided bowls and trays in your shop. No lathe? No problem. This bowl making technique uses a router and CMT’s unique bowl and tray router bit. The resulting bowls and trays are beautiful, and will leave your friends astonished! This kit also provides an excellent way to use up scrap wood. Glue pieces together, butcher block style, to make a beautiful pattern of colors and species.


The kit includes two templates, a bowl and tray bit, a collet extension and instruction manual.


The templates will withstand a lifetime of use and can be used to make more than just one style of bowl or tray. So, with a little imagination, you can make a variety of shapes and styles of bowls and trays. The collet extension, used to make extra deep bowls, is also useful whenever your general woodworking requires extra deep cuts.


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Sistema CMT per vassoi 12 BTS-002 product available € 89,85


BTS-002 951.502.11B