Collet chuck clamps with MK2 tapered shank

The ideal accessories for machining centres, point-to-point machines and CNC routers.

-extreme precision and reliability;
-perfect tool centering;
-defect-free rotation;
-made from extremely high resistant steel;
-precision grinding on all joined parts;
-extreme high rotation performance ≥ 15 HP - 20.000 RPM;
-for very efficient sizing on extreme unprecedented high feed speed;
-excellent finish quality on the workpiece and longer tool life;
-sturdy design with reduced height to increase the work space between the machine and the piece;
-safe and fast tool setup;
-interchangeable collet clamps with radial grooves for secure parallel tool clamping;
-wide clamping tolerance (-0.7mm);
right or left-hand rotation chucks with self-clamping threads;
-clamping nut with Woodruff radian grooves for c-spanners;
-practical withdrawal sleeves with double differential threads for the chuck spindle;
-central hexagonal low profile for easy tool clamping through a c-spanner;
-designed and tested in collaboration with the most renowned machining and CNC router construction centres;
-delivered in smart professional packaging.
S RH/LH Code Ava. Price (VAT inc.) Qt
MK2/Ø20x14Fx1” DX 123.000.01 product available € 53,62
MK2/Ø20x14Fx1” SX 123.000.02 product available € 53,62


123.000.01 124.060.00 991.123.00
123.000.02 124.060.00 991.123.00