CMT has turned the Industrio routing system into a great tool with new accessories such as phenolic insert, integral aluminium scales and an improved fence. Also, you will find some new optional features, such as a rugged moulded featherboard and a new mitre gauge.


The system includes:


999.501.09 Unique phenol top with new insert plate


Now featuring a 298x374mm (11-3/4”x14-3/4”) insert plate, the top is milled from 12mm (15/32”) thick phenol. Sturdy and very enduring material, phenol is much more resistant to warping than melamine. The top also features new aluminium scales on both ends to set the fence quickly and properly.


Easy fast bit change
No need to remove the router or fumble beneath the table top to change the bits. CMT’s useful bent wrench allows you to replace the bits from above quickly and easily. 15 kg. shipping weight.


999.501.10 Pivoting, zero-clearance fence with new clamping system
Our extruded aluminium fence can be used as conventional locked-in-place fence or as a pivoting fence. New, quick-adjusting clamps on both ends of the fence make adjustments a breeze, especially when used in conjunction with the aluminium scales that we’ve added to the table top. The fence also includes a sub fence of high density white plastic for an ultra smooth feeding surface, with a replaceable centre section to create zero-clearance inserts. 8,5 kg shipping weight.


999.501.03 Sturdy melamine cabinet
This sturdy 20mm-thick (25/32”) melamine cabinet is easy to assembly with posts and cross dowels. Also, it includes a double-door storage area to keep bits, wrenches and more tools safe and dust-free. 32,5 kg. shipping weight.


Router table dimensions:

79x59x(H)93cm (27"x20-1/2"x35-13/16" high).
55 kg. weight.

Code Ava. Price (VAT inc.) Qt
999.500.01 product available € 638,90
CMT7+ 999.500.01+ 999.100.11 product available € 968,90
CMT7E+IND product available € 939,40


999.500.01 999.501.09 999.100.11 991.001.00