One piece rail and style router bit sets

The most innovative bit for the construction of doors and drawers. Two cutters are embodied in a unique bit to allow you to cut two perfectly joining profiles efficiently and effectively, and also to reduce costs by investing in a single CMT bit rather than multiple cutters. For use in stock from 18mm (11/16”) to 22,2mm (7/8”).


Safety precautions: always unplug the router before making any adjustments to the bit. Use push blocks and featherboards to control the workpiece.
D L S Code Ava. Price (VAT inc.) Qt
50,8 87,7 12,7 891.521.11 product available € 93,64
50,8 87,5 12 991.521.11 product available € 93,64


891.521.11 541.002.00 541.551.00 991.056.00
991.521.11 541.005.00 541.551.00 991.056.00