Reverse glue joint router bits

The most important feature of this CMT bit is the capacity to produce almost-indestructible glue joints quickly and flawlessly. Ideal for routing large panels, doors and pieces of furniture. All you have to do is center the bit in the workpiece properly so that the upper and lower cutting edges will cut equally. Simply run one edge of the panel, turn it over, and then run the opposite edge to produce perfectly harmonized reverse cuts that match to make flawless joints.

Shop tips: apply enough pressure to securely seal the joints when glueing. Insufficient pressure results in week joints; excessive pressure will distort the wood piece.
D I L S Z Materiale Code Ava. Price (VAT inc.) Qt
44,4 32 70,1 12,7 2 HW 855.501.11 product available € 54,66
44,4 32 70,1 12 2 HW 955.501.11 product available € 54,66