Universal boring jig

Universal boring jig is designed for precise and productive manual dowelling of furniture elements. The jig helps you to obtain high precision and productivity of work. The positions of holes are constructed with a distance of 32mm which is in accordance with standard euro norm for machine dowelling. The dowel jig is designed for CMT drill bits, shank 8mm, HW material, clamped into a special boring adaptor.


For edge dowelling and jointing:
-precise holes;
-detachable end stops:
-ergonomic manual tighteners;
-precise and flat duralumin profile.


-max. board width in one tightening: 656mm
-max. board width: no limits
-for dowels: Ø8mm
-for through holes: Ø7mm
-distance of holes: 32mm
-number of holes: 2x20mm
-board thickness: 16~40mm
-facet (elements lap): 0,8mm
Desc. DIM Code Ava. Price (VAT inc.) Qt
Sistema per foratura universale (656mm in un serraggio) 656 CMT656 product available € 187,55


CMT656 CMT400-1 306.030.21