Mobiltecnica treatment of personal data

  1. All data sent to our firm, will be used in compliance with italian law 975/96 "people tutelage and others subject concerning the personal data processing"; the process of these data will be through papery, electronics or automatic instruments which are suitable for storing, sending and managing them. Anyway all data are kept in a classified places.
  2. It is bind to supply data, because they let you enter to the services of our business. In case you wont put all the required information, this carry to contract or service recall.
  3. Your data are necessary for the shopping of the goods you choose and for their payment. Personal data also are notified to goods suppliers and to the forwarding agent, solely in order to deal with your order. Mobiltecnica di Micheli Michael secures you private information total protection and undertakes to not disclose them to nobody else.
  4. In any moment, the consumer can freely reach to his data for updating, modifying and completing them, or simply to oppose to their use. For completing all the necessaries formalities, please write to Mobiltecnica di Micheli Michael or send an e-mail to:

Patentee of the processing:
Mobiltecnica di Micheli Michael
Via G. Palatucci, 1
61029 Trasanni di Urbino (PU) Italy


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